Reflection (5)

I was in the most beautiful place. I was surrounded by lush greenery, bright colored flowers and the bluest sky ever imagined…of course the ocean was something magical that cant even be imagined. The sound of the waves crashing, the scent of the salted water and the overall vision of the way the sun and moon reflected off the mirrored image of the ocean.  Its no wonder I felt at peace. I didn’t want to leave on that last morning that came so quickly. I had imagined I would be lonely and fearful of being in a strange place. But, as it turns out I never felt so comfortable.

I  did what was intended for me to do. I spent time alone, meditating in my own way. I searched deep. I worked on acceptance.  I have already learned that I can’t change anything that has happened and it is not worth the effort to try to make sense of it.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to do with myself, my time and my future. What is in it? How to begin a new life and a new career.

I thought a lot about my past and how I wasn’t always handed the best of circumstances but what I do know is I ALWAYS did everything I could to make it better. Sometimes, it took longer to pick myself up than other times. I am a strong and independent woman I can do whatever I put my mind to work doing!

I realized…though I knew but didn’t take much stock in it, that I have accomplished what many people want to accomplish. I have taken my life back. Many ways and many times. I failed many times more than I was successful. The point is I was successful. That makes me happy.  I have fought depression, anxiety, obesity and negativity. I still struggle too. After all its life and I am human.

My life experiences have taught me so many things that I have shared over the years. I have no question that becoming a wellness coach is something I would be GREAT at. I am very familiar with diets, foods, supplements, natural healing, and even exercise. I don’t know everything obviously but I have a few ideas and I started to study for Certification. I will not only have the personal experience but the validation and knowledge to help guide anyone who desires my coaching and guidance in their very own journey.

My vision statement   “To empower and educate others to develop, maintain and enjoy healthy lifestyle behaviors.”

I know many of you think that because I had weight loss surgery that I took the easy way out. I would like to challenge you with that statement; bring me someone else who has maintained the weight loss for 14 years (and counting) and has no residual health complications. I am in better health now than ever and will continue my pursuit of wellness. Yes, I had surgery. That doesn’t mean the demons went away. That in no way means my love for food and all things naughty went away. Do I still have the cravings for cookies and chips? YES!!! The difference is i’m better equipped to deal with those things. I have still had my share of challenges aside from obesity. In the past the emotional roller coaster would have me spiral into a deep food frenzy. Next thing you know its too late. I have learned over the years about moderation and the ability to control myself.  It is far better to allow yourself the pleasure of an occasional treat than over indulge out of pure emotional upheaval. I would be back at my original weight or more by now if I ate every time I had a crisis. Trust me.

For anyone that is considering surgery for weight loss this is my opinion. If you think that is your only option think again. I wish I was not defending my choices… I would do it again. But keep in mind it is NOT a quick fix. If you think it comes easy your wrong.  You still have to work at it. You still have to watch what you eat. You still need to exercise. You still need to drink water. When and if you lose the weight, maintenance. Far better to learn from your mistakes early than to think your in a glamorous situation. Dumping, hair loss, vitamin deficiency and lose skin from fast weight loss is far from glamorous.

For anyone who struggles with their weight, cravings, closet eating or general knowledge with healthier food, shopping and meal prepping there is hope for you. I have been there. I had mentioned some time ago about all the crazy programs I tried. I followed the pyramid diet that has since been changed. I tried liquid diets, Atkins which is the new Keto,  acupuncture and a multitude of multi-level marketing companies. What we need to learn and teach our children is that we eat to live NOT live to eat.

I can help you figure out what works for you by sharing and educating you to make different selections for yourself and your family. Its not about going without its about figuring out what works best to help you reach your goals.IMG_20160717_080137